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Peter Rabbit Competition buzz

15 April 2014

It’s fabulous to see our littlies interacting with their peers, warming to one another and developing friendships. After all, we all need friends, and we should never underestimate the importance of little friendships. Some littlies need encouragement, can find it hard to make the first move, and aren’t quite sure how to progress socially, so [...]

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12 April 2014

Lets talk mummy nightmares. And there are lots of those to choose from. Think toddlers in restaurants, long haul flights and public peeing competitions. My personal favourite is the supermarket challenge, which is not for the faint-hearted. The best policy is to never ever, ever, under any circumstances take your littlies anywhere within a 10 [...]

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8 April 2014

Toddlers love dogs, but do dogs love toddlers? No, probably not. They’d rather lick their own bottoms. For the most part, dogs tolerate littlies by hiding behind sofas, and pretending to be asleep. So how do we encourage loving doggies safely, and what should our toddlers learn not to do around dogs? Littlies love chasing [...]

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